TAIPI at Open Evaluation Conference, 24-25 November 2016

Open Evaluation 2016, the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the evaluation of policies in the field of research, technology and innovation (RTI) policy, took place in Vienna on 24-25 November 2016. For this conference, more than 250 academics, evaluators, research managers, authorities and RTI policy makers form all five continents gathered to debate challenging developments in RTI policy and their effects on evaluation theory and practice. The conference addressed new actor settings, approaches and themes in RTI policy evaluation.

TAIPI participated in the conference with a presentation:

Manfred Spiesberger, Florian Knecht, Katharina Büsel, Ingrid Clement, Stefanie Konzett-Smoliner, Helmut Gassler (2016). Measuring the Impact of large scale European FTI Interventions: the EU Flagship Projects.

The presentation was given in the session European Challenges and large policy intiatives, and is available below for download and at the conference website: http://fteval.at/upload/5_European_Challenges.zip